Design for health and wellbeing


Good Kitchen  

Poor diet among older people is a significant public health issue. Research suggests that older adults are particularly vulnerable to malnutrition due to a range of physical, economic and social factors which influence food access, choice and behaviour.

The Good Kitchen is a service design solution that aimed to improve the quality of food experience for the elderly as well as social interaction with and respect for the elderly. The design was developed in collaboration between a design company, a municipality and the Danish Enterprise and Construction Authority.

The design process that was employed involved the following

  • Field Studies, interviews and observations of how the elderly planned, prepared and ate food from food service

  • Idea Workshop with kitchen staff, home care, elder representatives, town councilors and designers

  • Prototypes of solutions and suggestions for service improvements were evaluated by the elderly users and staff.

While the initial intention was to improve  a menu system for elderly people, the design process resulted in a whole new service with more inviting menu cards, several new opportunities for food choices, improved communication between the user and the kitchen in the form of a simple post card based dialog as well as more opportunities for dining together. Even the cars delivering the food was redesigned