DESIS Ireland is a design research lab that explores the intersections and relationships 

between design, social change and social innovation. The DESIS Ireland Lab is part of

the global DESIS network but with a focus on themes that are most relevant to Ireland.

These include the emerging practices of design for social innovation, co­design, strategic and 

service design, public service innovation and sustainable behaviour change.


DESIS Ireland is a collaboration between Dublin Institute of Technology,

University of Limerick and National College of Art and Design.


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DESIS Ireland is initially interested in exploring the following themes. 

Social, civic & sustainable innovation


Co-design for policy & public service innovation


Design for health, wellbeing & inclusion

DESIS Seminar Friday November 6th 2015

There is a need to explore the role of design in Ireland with regards to meaningful engagement
with the future of Irish society. This could be through the involvement of citizens in the design of public
services, seeking creative solutions for health and well-being as well as having Irish Designers applying
their skills to help underrepresented and disadvantaged communities in Ireland and worldwide.

This symposium is an opportunity for design educators, community development practitioners,
policy makers, researchers, students, and social innovators across Ireland to engage in dialogue
and collaboration on the role design can play in social change and social innovation in Ireland.


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Case Studies

This is a small selection of case studies from projects around the world.